HipStyles 1.0.5 finds Oggl photos, adds posting to Instagram

HipStyles for iPhone, the friendly photo finder assistant for Hipstamatic enthusiasts, was recently updated to version 1.0.5, and is now available on the App Store.

Since the recent launch of Hipstamatic Oggl we have been busy bringing HipStyles up to date in finding also the great shots you took with Oggl that end up in your iPhone’s camera roll. The recently released São Paulo HipstaPak was also quickly examined, and HipStyles was updated to find photos that use the new Madalena lens and Robusta film.

Find Madelena + Robusta photos

Find photos taken with Madalena + Robusta from the latest HipstaPak

While we were at it, we added the possibility to post your own Hipstamatic photos to Instagram, with a pre-filled comment that contains the actual lens, film, and flash tags from the photo. Of course, HipStyles already makes it effortless to share your shots (and others’, too) on Twitter and Facebook. (Note, however, that HipStyles will not let you post an Instagram photo back to Instagram!)

Post your photo finds to Instagram from inside HipStyles

Post your photo finds to Instagram (or Twitter, or Facebook) from inside HipStyles

HipStyles was created to help you find your great Hipstamatic shots easily from inside your own phone, and also to bring you fresh samples of other iPhoneographers’ work posted to Instagram. As you know, when the number of HipstaPrints on your iPhone increases, it becomes very difficult to find the shots you need from inside Hipstamatic. With HipStyles, you can select any combo you like to filter the results to enjoy them, save the best shots to Favorites, and share them with your followers.

Tell us what you think of HipStyles! You can send us feedback from inside the application, or send e-mail to hipstyles (at) coniferproductions (dot) com. We also maintain a lively presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.

HipStyles was also recently reviewed by PhotoCruncher, and ThePhotoMomma had this to say:

“…I would recommend this app for Hipstamatic users who want to easily search and view other Hipstamatic photos.”

And if you know Italian, hop over to Italianeography.com and read their introduction to HipStyles.

HipStyles is currently available in English, Finnish, and Japanese, with a few additional languages planned.

Hearts and HipStyles

It’s Valentine’s Day, and HipStyles for iPhone is free for today only!

HipStyles Valentine's Day Special

HipStyles Valentine’s Day Special

To celebrate and spread the love, we have reduced the price for exactly 100 per cent. This is your chance to save big!

It’s available on the App Store, so download it and tell your friends and loved ones what we already know, and you soon will: that HipStyles is the ultimate companion app for Hipstamatic users.


HipStyles updated to version 1.0.3

HipStyles, the iPhone to app that finds your HipstaPrints photos with ease, has been updated to version 1.0.3, and is available on the App Store.

We’ve added the ability to like photos on Instagram straight from inside the app. Just double-tap the photo in the detail screen, or tap once on the cute little heart icon on the right side of the photo (below the tiny Instagram camera logo).

HipStyles 1.0.3 screenshot

Double-tap an Instagram photo to “like” it.

Please note that if you are updating, you need to sign out of Instagram from the Settings screen, and then log back in to like photos. (Technical explanation: this is because we had to change the scope of the Instagram authentication in v1.0.3 to include the “likes” capability.) Sorry about any inconvenience with that.

Version 1.0.3 also fixes an issue with memory usage when searching for HipstaPrints photos. If you have trouble, see the help page or contact us (go to the Settings screen and select “Send feedback”).

We would appreciate if you told your Hipstamatic-using friends about HipStyles, and rated the app in the App Store. Thanks for purchasing HipStyles, and have fun searching for great fresh sample prints on Instagram, or looking for HipstaPrints on your phone that you shot with an awesome combo.


Les Nombres 1.5 updated with new scoring system, Facebook sharing

Les Nombres, the little app that wants to teach you elementary French numbers, has been updated to version 1.5, and is now available on the App Store. The update is free to existing customers.

You are presented with a randomly chosen French number from zero to 100, in writing, and given three alternatives to choose from. You can listen to the number by tapping the Listen button. To get another number, tap Another.

Les Nombres teaches you elementary French numbers.

Les Nombres teaches you elementary French numbers.

Version 1.5 introduces a new scoring system: for every right answer you gain a point – but if you answer wrong, you lose a point. You can also get the next number without answering, but then you also lose a point! (Until you have zero points.)

If you have reached a personal high score, you can share it with everyone on Facebook or Twitter.

Les Nombres is available in English, French, Finnish and Swedish. The Windows Phone version of Les Nombres is available on the Windows Phone Marketplace. The Android version is in the works.


HipStyles 1.0.2 speaks Japanese, finds Tintype SnapPak photos

We are pleased to announce that HipStyles version 1.0.2 is now available on the App Store! The update is free to existing customers.

HipStyles in Japanese

HipStyles in Japanese

Hipstamatic is the ultimate companion to Hipstamatic and iPhoneography enthusiasts. It searches your phone’s HipstaPrints photo library for shots taken with the lens / film / flash combo you select. It also fetches you fresh samples of others’ work from Instagram, so that you can get an idea of what your shots would look like with the given combo. Continue reading

HipStyles updated to version 1.0.1

You survived Black Friday. You made it through Cyber Monday. Now it’s time for… Binary Wednesday! And we have a deal for you!

HipStyles update to version 1.0.1 is available on the App Store! It contains, and we quote, “performance and stability improvements” and a little rethink of the Photos screen. It also supports the new Gangster Squad FreePak from Hipstamatic.

Get it now! The update is free for existing users.

Introducing HipStyles for iPhone

Dear vintage digital photography enthusiasts, Hipstamatic photographers, Instagram users,

we have great news for you. HipStyles for iPhone is available on the App Store!

HipStyles is the ultimate companion for any Hipstamatic user. It lets you freely select combinations of Hipstamatic lenses, films and flashes, and search for matching photos on Instagram or inside your own HipstaPrints album in your phone.

HipStyles taps into the endless stream of fresh images posted on Instagram by the ever-increasing community of Hipstagraphers. No matter what Hipstamatic combo, if somebody recently took a photo with it and shared it on Instagram, HipStyles will find it for you.

We’ll soon be updating the HipStyles page with more information. You should definitely follow HipStyles on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ to find out the latest news and tips from HipStyles HQ at Conifer Productions!


Les Nombres for iPhone is all new

The little app for learning French numbers, Les Nombres for iPhone, has been updated to version 1.4!

This version brings you a revamped user interface, scoring and the possibility to tweet your high score. It looks like this:

It still speaks French to you and it still works hard to get those numbers into your head, but in a new, easier to use package. For all the juicy details, head for the Les Nombres for iPhone home page, or go straight to the App Store to get it!

Global app market (or, walking the walk)

Many of you know already that we make a little app called Les Nombres for iPhone and Windows Phone to help you learn French numbers. It was originally created in late 2010 for the iPhone, to help the author who was learning French for the first time. The realization that an algorithmic approach would work in generating textual representations of numbers in French led to a simple but delightful iPhone application. Since its initial publication in the App Store as a free, ad-supported app it has been downloaded a few thousand times.

With version 1.2 the name of the application was changed to a more suitable “Les Nombres”, with the numbers being read by a native French speaker. This update sparked most of those people who had originally downloaded the app to update it to the latest version. Starting with version 1.3 the app costs US $ .99 (0.79 €)—and stay tuned for a nice little update later this year. (EDIT: the update is now available)

We thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at where the app was being downloaded from. The iTunes Connect report data from between late April and mid-July 2012 was used as the basis of this chart (select it to view full-size).

Les Nombres for iPhone Downloads By Country

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Full speed ahead

Just a quick service announcement: all systems are running smoothly now, after a period of administrative shuffling.

In February this year Conifer Productions transformed from a sole proprietorship into the Finnish equivalent of a limited liability company (LLC), or the “osakeyhtiö” (Oy). Technically this is not quite a transformation, because according to the Finnish business law the sole proprietorship must be dissolved and a new company established. The trade registry will contain a note about the new company continuing the business of the sole proprietorship, but the two are separate legal entities, with different Finnish business IDs, taxation, bookkeeping etc.

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