SynthJacker User Manual

For app version 0.2.x/iOS, work in progress

SynthJacker is an automatic sampler for your MIDI synthesizers. It can capture a series of notes automatically and prepare them for importing into a sampler of your choice.

Making Connections

Connect your synth to your audio interface:

  • Audio interface MIDI OUT to synth MIDI IN
  • Synth audio OUTPUT to audio interface INPUT

Connect your audio interface to your iOS device, for example using the Apple Camera Connection Kit or Lightning to USB Adapter.

Setting up the app

Start SynthJacker and tap the gear icon in the top right to go to Settings.

Select your MIDI interface as the output, and set the MIDI channel if necessary. Then select your audio interface as the audio input.

Selecting the sound to sample

Select the sound / preset you want to sample on your synth. Make sure that the MIDI channel of the synth matches the SynthJacker setting. Adjust gain as necessary.

Creating a sequence

Tap the + button in the main list to add a new sequence with default values and a funny name. Tap the new sequence to select it, then adjust the values as necessary.

More detailed information on the various parameters of the sequence will come later.

Playing the sequence

You can play the sequence before you record it. This is useful to determine the note duration, the note decay and the gap between notes, so that you capture complete notes, but don’t end up with a lot of dead air after and between the notes.

To play the sequence, tap the Play button in the top right of the navigation bar of the sequence screen. Your synth should play the sequence back. Hit the Stop button if you want to stop playback before it is complete.

Recording the sequence

Tap the Record button (next to the Play button). The sequence will be played back, and the result will be recorded in real time.

After the recording is completed, SynthJacker will automatically slice the result into audio files, one for each note-velocity combination.

Observing the results

When the recording is completed, switch to the iOS Files app on your device.

Select “On My iPad” from the Locations list, then select the SynthJacker folder. Then select the folder that matches the name of your sequence and the time it was recorded.

In the folder you should find a number of AIFF audio files, named after the sequence, MIDI velocity, and name of the note captured. There is also a small text file in the SFZ format, for importing into an SFZ-compatible sampler.

Feedback and feature requests: synthjacker (at) coniferproductions (dot) com