Here is a collection of apps offered by Conifer Productions.

Sixten MIDI System Exclusive Manager

Sixten MIDI System Exclusive Manager Sixten is a utility to manage MIDI System Exclusive messages. You can use it to send SysEx messages to music synthesizers using MIDI output ports on your computer, and also receive SysEx messages from MIDI input ports. Sixten saves your System Exclusive messages so that you can easily use them again. You can use existing SysEx files from your computer, and you can also export any received SysEx messages to files. []


SynthJacker SynthJacker automatically plays back a MIDI sequence with the notes and velocities you specify, and records the result. It then slices the audio into individual samples, ready to import into an iOS sampler like VirSyn AudioLayer. SynthJacker also writes an SFZ file with the regions and their root keys. You will find the samples in the iOS Files app, in the SynthJacker folder. SynthJacker You will need a compatible audio interface with MIDI connectivity. []