Full speed ahead

Just a quick service announcement: all systems are running smoothly now, after a period of administrative shuffling.

In February this year Conifer Productions transformed from a sole proprietorship into the Finnish equivalent of a limited liability company (LLC), or the “osakeyhtiö” (Oy). Technically this is not quite a transformation, because according to the Finnish business law the sole proprietorship must be dissolved and a new company established. The trade registry will contain a note about the new company continuing the business of the sole proprietorship, but the two are separate legal entities, with different Finnish business IDs, taxation, bookkeeping etc.

As it were, transferring the existing Apple Developer Program membership to the new company triggered a lengthy administrative process at Apple, and in the end it was agreed with Apple developer support that the easiest way to proceed was to take the iOS apps off the App Store and let the old membership expire, then re-join the developer program as a new company (which is also technically accurate, but still required some unexpected synchronization efforts). While the process was quite long and a little frustrating, the senior developer support advisors at Apple were knowledgeable and helpful once you were able to reach them.

Now everything is sorted out, and as a result, Les Nombres for iPhone is again available at the App Store, but Binary Response Unit (B.R.U.) was retired in the process, at least for the time being. None of this has affected Les Nombres for Windows Phone in any way, as we joined AppHub (now Windows Phone Dev Center) only after the LLC was established.

Stay tuned for more apps from Conifer Productions! Don’t hesitate to contact us for consulting services in your mobile application projects, especially with regard to internationalization.